Matt Warren
Co-Chief Operating Officer, Emerging Markets

Matt Warren is a proven, results-focused leader with strong sales expertise and extensive experience in helping Federal agencies exceed their strategic and operational goals. His capacity to build and lead large sales delivery organizations coupled with his strong client relationship management skills has produced superior bottom-line results in taking small organizations through an aggressive growth model.  Matt most recently lead the Safety and Citizen Services Portfolio at Accenture Federal Services (AFS) where he was responsible for the US Departments of Homeland Security, State, Energy, Justice, Commerce, and Education.  Matt’s portfolio at AFS was the fastest growing portfolio, and ultimately, it became the largest of three. Prior to AFS, Matt was President, Justice and Homeland Security sector at Agilex where he was instrumental in the acquisition and transition to Accenture.  Matt created and lead his sector at Agilex that did close to $75M in revenue per year in just 8 years.  Justice and Homeland Security contributed to roughly 40% of Agilex’s total revenue per year. Prior to Agilex, Matt began his career at Oracle where he spent over a decade working his way up the corporate ladder from inside sales, to field sales, to ultimately running a large part of Federal Civilian as a sales manager.  As a veteran of sales within the Federal Government since 1996, Matt will leverage his experience and refined skillset to lead our Emerging Markets sector, focusing on the addition of new business into and through our pipeline.  Matt holds a liberal arts degree in communications from Virginia Tech.