Engineering Innovative Federal IT Solutions

Rapidly-evolving technology and an ever-changing world are requiring federal agencies to evolve with them, transforming their IT infrastructures into flexible, scalable, highly-secure computing environments.

At SE Solutions we develop and implement federal IT solutions, including strategies, software, and managed solutions that enable our federal clients to more safely and effectively carry out their missions. We’re experts in modernizing and transforming mission-critical IT platforms into highly-versatile, compliant cloud infrastructures that increase our clients’ efficiency and responsiveness while reducing risk and future-proofing their IT systems.


SE Solutions advises our government customers and provides cybersecurity support embedded in IT service delivery. Our Chief Information Officer (CIO) support teams are highly-educated and experienced with strong foundations in technical expertise such as system administration, application development, and network engineering as well as security best practices. Our experts build secure cloud infrastructure architectures, develop secure coding standards, configure Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) tools to operate within a DevSecOps model and integrate security compliance requirements into Agile product backlogs.

Our Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) support teams help our CISO customers support their organization's mission by leveraging our mission understanding and cybersecurity expertise to help manage risk and minimize vulnerability. We provide our federal agency clients with comprehensive cybersecurity support including:

  • Risk management
  • Access control
  • Incident response
  • Vulnerability assessment
  • Penetration testing
  • Continuous monitoring
  • Cybersecurity governance

With a focus on the mission, we utilize our technical capabilities and deep expertise to deliver highly efficient technical and managerial security solutions. Our results are best measured in customer satisfaction, which is consistently rated exceptional.

Cloud Computing & Infrastructure

SE Solutions guides and supports federal agencies through the process to rationalize, plan, schedule, and execute the migration of on-premises legacy applications to the cloud. We understand that no single cloud provider, architecture, and migration strategy fulfills the objectives and requirements of every application and service for every customer. Our cloud experts work closely with our clients to establish a cloud adoption strategy, rationalize applications, develop a migration roadmap, and design cloud and hybrid architectures that meet the specific data, integration, and operational requirements of each customer. We transform insecure legacy IT systems into demonstrably cost-effective, compliant, and resilient architectures that take advantage of emerging cloud services and technologies to increase their functional and operational capabilities. To help make this transformation easier and more efficient, we provide clients with complete cloud strategy, architecture, deployment, and migration support. SE Solutions delivers robust, proven cloud computing architectures and assistance to help ensure federal guidance and standards compliance; improve infrastructure, applications, and service capabilities and supportability; and help our clients realize a significant return on their investment.

Systems/Software Engineering

Our team of expert software engineers are highly-skilled in developing and deploying data analytics and management tools, mobile applications, enterprise collaboration solutions, identity management systems, easy-to-use dashboards, and other system and software solutions that help government agencies transform and improve their IT infrastructures.

Strategy & Management

A well-conceived, thorough IT strategy is crucial for federal agencies modernizing their legacy IT systems and moving to the cloud. SE Solutions has the expertise and experience to assist with both strategic and tactical IT planning, enterprise architecture, process improvement, governance, and financial management to help federal organizations develop, implement, and manage the right IT strategy for their specific needs.

Agile Management & Development

Our comprehensive suite of Agile development and management services enable SE Solutions to help government agencies adopt an Agile IT model and transform their inflexible legacy infrastructures into seamless, agile cloud-based ecosystems that provide a more secure, intuitive, and streamlined experience for their users.

Our engineers are experienced in the latest DevOps practices to support the Agile transformation from start to finish, quickly and efficiently connecting people with data. Using best practices, automated testing, and continuous improvement, we deliver the integrated Agile software development and operations model our federal clients need to meet current and future service challenges.